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Equality Benefits All: Make Equality Bloom

After two years of collective work, the partners of the Gender-SMART project disseminated, from February 11 #InternationalWomenInScienceDay​ to March 9 #InternationalWomensDay​, several elements of reflection and guidance allowing to engage in a project to strengthen the gender culture.

On March 23, an Online RoundTable allowed direct discussion on the challenges of these changes.

Here is a little glance to our messages during this period.










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Replay of our Roundtable: How to design a gender sensitive culture

The aim of the RoundTable is to share and promote what has been done in different projects to achieve a gender sensitive culture. It will focus on the ‘nuts and bolts’ (tips, recommendations and lessons learned) of what is needed to succeed in designing a gender sensitive culture in your institution.


During this RoundTable, we showcased our own work, what we did and how we did it.

We invited speakers from sister projects and the private sector that elaborated a specific process and/or designed inspiring products to build a gender sensitive culture in their institution or project. In doing so, we hope that the roundtable discussion will provide some new and concrete insights into how they themselves can build a gender-sensitive culture.

Main Topics Testimony and experience sharing on building a gender culture in one’s own organisation or company (state of play, challenges, change process, practices, involved stakeholders, tools for a successful building of a gender-sensitive culture, …)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Key aspects on how to design a gender sensitive culture (what to promote and what to avoid)


  • Welcome address by Magalie Lesueur Jannoyer (CIRAD – France), Gender-SMART Project Coordinator
  • Jane Kavanagh (TAEGASC – Ireland) Gender-SMART Project
  • Stephane Reboud (Dell – France) External Advisory Committee – Gender-SMART Project
  • Ester Cois (University of Cagliari – Italy) SUPERA Project
  • Cindy Van Hyfte (CIRAD – France) Gender-SMART Project Manager

Our Roundtable was moderated by Panayiota Polykarpou (CUT – Cyprus) - Gender-SMART Project.



Gender-SMART is a community of seven European Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) and Research Funding Organizations (RFOs), operating in the broadly framed field of research in food, agricultural and life sciences, supported by two technical partners.

This community has committed to the three following operational objectives:

Seven Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) are actively implemented, tackling the following areas of actions:

  • Building a Gender Equality Culture;
  • Developing equal career support measures; 
  • Reshaping decision-making and governance;
  • Integrating gender in funding, research and teaching

Change is steered beyond the project timeline, as GEPs are co-designed with relevant stakeholders, made visible and accessible to targeted audiences and the broader community, continuously supported by the top management, fully integrated and institutionalized, and adopted by target groups into their daily practices

Lessons are learnt and good practices are disseminated within and beyond the academia, through engaging stakeholders beyond Europe and designing tools that are “open to the world”. Gender-SMART adopts a holistic approach combined with a field-specific dimension, the articulation of a sound theoretical framework with more practical knowledge, addressing gender equality as a matter of scientific excellence, as well as a strong commitment to sustainability and openness. [read more...]